The Cabernet Canvas

Great news: the price of all paintings has been reduced to $23.98

 Tired of the same old date night? Maybe its a girl’s night out and you’re looking for something different to do. We offer party plans as well. Look around and see what we can do to make your evening more enjoyable. Call a friend or better yet like us on our Facebook page and send your friends invitations to join you with a great bottle of wine!

We believe that everyone has a creative nature that can be explored and nurtured. Here at the Cabernet Canvas we offer a step by step process to instruct and teach people how they can paint their very own unique, one of a kind art piece. Get ready for an experience that is sure to entertain and delight all those who participate.                                

    Bring your own beverage to your class is another feature that many enjoy doing. Bring a nice bottle of your favorite wine and we’ll take care of the rest.

This is an art entertainment studio that strives in offering an alternative to the same old idea of spending time with friends and family. Encourage your friends to drop the remote for a brush! After one night of creating your own masterpiece you’ll want to invite others to come and experience the contagious environment that spreads throughout the studio at The Cabernet Canvas.


The Cabernet Canvas, 402 S Main St, Anderson SC 29624







 Please note that we have reduced the price of all paintings in the calendars as of 9/20/2017.